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HSE offers 22 English-taught programmes, teaches students from over 20 countries, and employs almost 200 international researchers. Moreover, HSE is a university where various cultures meet, and that’s why we are starting this summer with a big international festival - The Whole World at HSE!

The festival is a great occasion for our student family to organize a massive cultural and educational event, where everyone can enjoy themselves, and traditions from various countries will be shared with the whole city. Everyone will be able to learn something new about people from other parts of the world. You will have the chance to get to know the various aspects of life in Europe, Asia, Africa, CIS countries, and the republics of the Russian Federation, as well as learn the basics of some new languages through communicating with their native speakers. Of course, international students will play a key role at this festival, as they help to deliver first-hand information on their cultures.

The festival’s programme includes language workshops, an introduction to international cuisines, meetings with travel bloggers, art lectures, and a concert in the evening.

Place and time

26 Shabolovka Ulitsa, Moscow

Start time: 12pm

Admission is free


Learn from the Professionals

Traveling is a dream! And being able to travel for free and even generate value seems like the ultimate dream, but for a lot of people it’s actually a reality. Travel bloggers and journalists will talk about their experiences of friendship across cultures, the twists and turns of tourism, the joys of their work, and the opportunities of traveling with empty pockets but a mind full of new impressions.

Venue: Bld. 3, 2nd floor, room 3230.

13:00 — Language workshop by Education First

14:00 — Maria Grigorieva (SelfMadeTrip magazine)

Maria Grigorieva is editor-in-chief at SelfMadeTrip, a magazine about different cultures, traveling, studying abroad, and useful international contacts. This resource can help you find seasonal work in Europe, scholarships or internships in foreign universities, or immigration programmes; find out where you can take amazing photos at this time of year, or study Arabic for free.

15:00 — Kolya Serga (Orel&Reshka TV show)

Kolya Serga is a presenter on the Orel&Reshka (‘flip a coin’) TV show on the Pyatnitsa! network. The show is about traveling to cities around the world, with the flip of a coin deciding how they spend time on arrival. Heads means they get an unlimited credit card, but if they get tails, they only have $100 to cover everything. But it turns out that money isn’t everything. In some countries, you really can have a great time for a hundred bucks. Kolya Serga has become a guru in global urban culture, and has developed his own approach to exploring them.

16:00 — Pavel Makarov (Ofisny Plankton blog)

Pavel Makarov is an HSE graduate and author of the Ofisny Plankton (‘office monkeys’) blog about traveling and extreme sports. He has hitchhiked across Europe, he snowboards, goes kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and takes photos. He shoots with Sony α camera, and in 2013 he organized his first extreme photo exhibition. Pavel’s motto is ‘you have only one life, so live it to the fullest’.

17:00 — Andrey Ponkratov (Moya Planeta TV channel)

Andrey Ponkratov is an author and presenter at Moya Planeta (‘my planet’) TV channel. His show immerses viewers in various countries’ cultures by communicating with people and learning about their everyday life, crafts, food, and traditions. Andrey learned how to tell Jewish jokes in Israel, migrated with nomads in Kyrgyzstan, studied Japanese culture through manga, and learned the history of the genocide in Rwanda. As a result, Andrey Ponkratov is the presenter at Moya Planeta that travels most, and spends only a few weeks each year in Russia.

18:00 — Language workshop by AIESEC


World Art lectures

Since 2013, as part of the Open University project, HSE has organized public lectures on a variety of research areas, from cinema to marketing, anthropology and game design. The lecture topics differ but are always highly relevant. The melting pot of cultures in Russian poetry, the cultures of Asian countries, and even Russian hip hop — everyone will be able to find something interesting at The Whole World at HSE lecture centre!

Venue: Bld. 3, room K10.

12:00 — lecture ‘Contemporary Japanese architecture: Secrets of the art’.

Lecturer: Anna Guseva, Associate Professor, HSE Faculty of Humanities

14:00 — lecture ‘How poems work in various languages’

Lecturer: Alexander Piperski, Research Fellow, HSE School of Philology

15:00 — lecture ‘Italian myth in the Russian poetry of the Silver Age’

Lecturer: Mikhail Sverdlov, Associate Professor, HSE Faculty of Humanities

16:00 — lecture ‘Russian hip hop: appropriation strategies’

Lecturer: Artem Rondarev, lecturer, HSE School of Cultural Studies


Countries & Cultures Fair ‘International Quarter’

It is hard to comprehend how many countries students come from to study at HSE. There are so many we can build a whole quarter for them. They will cook their national dishes, tell you about their countries, hold quizzes and interactive activities for everyone at the festival. The HSE Chamber of Nationalities has helped with the organization. For the most curious visitors, the students will compile books with vital phrases for tourists and travelers.

At the International Quarter, you’ll meet people from:

  • France (wine tasting workshop, mini-lecture on French cheeses, interactive games)
  • Germany
  • Kyrgyzstan (dance performance, quiz about the country, folk songs)
  • Kazakhstan (quiz about the country, dombra music, folk dance)
  • Uzbekistan (interactive entertainment, quiz, games)
  • Mongolia
  • Japan
  • Tajikistan
  • Georgia (folk dance, ‘Do I know Georgia?’ quiz)
  • Armenia (secrets of Armenian cuisine)
  • Azerbaijan (interactive activities, quiz, Mehendi)
  • North Ossetia (interactive map: connect regions on the world map with images of traditional cuisine)
  • Israel (interactive activities: guess a holiday by emoji, games with Hebrew, Truth or Lies game about the State of Israel)
  • Chechnya and Ingushetia (interactive activities: quiz, games, folk dance, darts)

Language Master Classes

At the Whole World at HSE festival students will not only give you a taste of various countries’ cultures, it will teach you the basics of their native languages, from Hebrew to Georgian!

Venue: Bld. 3, 2nd floor, room 3231.

12:00 — master class in Georgian calligraphy: learning the Georgian alphabet; writing the names of everyone interested. Teacher: Maggie Sulkhanishvili, chair, HSE Georgian Club

13:00 — master class in Arabic calligraphy (classical style). Writing basic words, the alphabet, and the names of everyone interested. Teacher: Aljana Abdulaeva, Arabic language teacher, student of Asian Studies

14:00 — master class in Armenian: learning the alphabet, writing the names of everyone interested, compiling a phrase book with key phrases for a tourist. Teacher: Valeria Babayan, together with the Armspeak Club project, member of the HSE Armenian Club

15:00 — master class in Hebrew: learning the alphabet, writing the names of everyone interested, proverbs and sayings. Teachers: Elena Yanovskaya and Alexandra Chistova, HSE students, members of the HSE Jewish Club

16:00 — master class in French: basic phrases and words, French phonetics, useful materials for learning spoken French. Teacher: Olesya Kolyasnikova, chair, HSE French Club

17:00 — master class in German: learning basic phrases and words, games and quizzes about Germany and its culture. Teachers: Alla Bakmansuriva and Zhargalma Zhalsanova, Associate Professors, Department of German, HSE School of Foreign Languages

Dancing Workshops

Dances from across the world right in the center of Moscow? Yes! International students will lead guests in dance sessions at the festival’s main stage.

Workshop schedule

12:30 — Kyrgyz folk dance, Ak-Kuular group

13:00 — Armenian folk dances, Hayasa dancing school (Kochari and Lorke dance)

13:30 — Kazakh folk dances, Shanyrak group (Kazak Kyzy dance)

14:00 — Georgian folk dances, AssaParty dancing school (Adzhar and Mountain dance)

14:30 — Lezginka, Bart dancing school

15:00 — Bachata, Viktoria Shandova (HSE International Students Association)

16:00 — Uzbek folk dance

16:30 — Azerbaijan folk dance, Karabakh group (drumming master class)


Main Stage

Performance by Marat Gizatullin

Our favorite university Talent Show

Performances run from 6:30 pm — 9:00 pm


Lounge zone

People across the world work in similar ways, but spend their leisure time very differently. There are as many ways to relax as there are cultures around the globe. The festival lounge zone will offer you the most pleasant and beautiful ways to spend your free time. Here, you’ll be able to meditate and talk against a backdrop of relaxing music by Prosncons, Kutyma, Vasyasirnik, Tint and Cesur DJs. Tea ceremonies will immerse you in a real Asian atmosphere, with the help of a tea master from Dongxi, who will serve you tea from the Celestial Empire. And if anyone fancies a bite to eat, they will be able to treat themselves to some Lebanese sweets by Bacarra company.

Game Zone

Have you heard of Rummikub? It is a great way to spend time with friends and is one of the most popular board games in Jewish communities across the U.S. The game zone offers you Russian, Chinese, English, Japanese and other board games, which could become your new favorite hobby and are a great way of learning more about various national cultures.

Painting Zone

Of course you cannot have a festival without creativity! The HSE Wall of Travel will be another striking feature of the festival: brushes, paints, and your imagination. Anyone interested will also be able to see how henna paintings are made, and even have one done. A Mehendi workshop will run all day.